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     FF-1084 MacCandless      

Photo byNovember 1980. The Black Sea. Photo from the archives of A. Andreev.

Country: USA.
Class, [Type]: Knox, [FF].

Builder: Avondale Shipyards, USA.
Launch date: 20 March 1971.
Commission date: 18 March 1972.
Decommission date: 6 May 1994.

Displacement ( tons ): 3000 standard, 3960 full load.
Dimensions ( metres ): 133,5 x 14 x 7,5.
Main machinery: 1 x Westinghouse geared turbine ( 35000 hp ).
Speed ( knots ): 27.
Complement: 245 ( 17 officers ).

Guns: 1 x 1 127mm Mk42.
A/S Weapons: 1 x 8 ASROC.
Torpedoes: 4 x 1 324mm Mk32.

Radars: Air: AN/SPS-40; Surface: AN/SPS-10; Fire Control: AN/SPG-53A.
Sonars: AN/SQS-35; AN/SQR-18.
Helicopters: 1 x SH-2 Sea Sprite LAMPS.
Comment: Transferred to Turkey. Renamed Trakya ( FF-257 ).

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