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Comment: The ships and vessels on this web site do not reflect the full structure of the naval forces of this country. This is only the ships and vessels that visited the Black Sea in the different time periods.

CG17   Harry E. Yarnell (Leahy, [CG])  go 2
CG19   Dale (Leahy, [CG])
CG20   Richmond K. Turner (Leahy, [CG])&
CG26   Belknap (Belknap, [CG])  go 2
CG27   Josephus Daniels (Belknap, [CG])  go 2
CG28   Wainwright (Belknap, [CG])  go 2  go 3
CG32   William H. Standley (Belknap, [CG])
CG34   Biddle (Belknap, [CG])  go 2  go 3
CG48   Yorktown (Ticonderoga, [CG])  go 2
CG51   Thomas S. Gates (Ticonderoga, [CG])
CG56   San Jacinto (Ticonderoga, [CG])
CG58   Philippine Sea (Ticonderoga, [CG])
CG61   Monterey (Ticonderoga, [CG])
CG66   Hue City  (Ticonderoga, [CG])
CG68   Anzio (Ticonderoga, [CG])
CG69   Vicksburg (Ticonderoga, [CG])
CG72   Vella Gulf (Ticonderoga, [CG])


DDG2     Charles F. Adams (Charles F. Adams, [DDG])
DDG4     Lawrence (Charles F. Adams, [DDG])
DDG10   Sampson (Charles F. Adams, [DDG])
DDG11   Sellers (Charles F. Adams, [DDG])
DDG17   Conyngham (Charles F. Adams, [DDG])
DDG19   Tattnall (Charles F. Adams, [DDG])
DDG35   Mitscher (Mitscher, [DDG])
DDG37   Farragut (Farragut, [DDG])
DDG38   Luce (Farragut, [DDG])
DDG40   Coontz (Farragut, [DDG])
DDG41   King (Farragut, [DDG])
DDG44   William V. Pratt (Farragut, [DDG])
DDG46   Preble (Farragut, [DDG])
DDG51   Arleigh Burke (Arleigh Burke ( Flight I ), [DDG])
DDG52   Barry (Arleigh Burke ( Flight I ), [DDG])
DDG55   Staut (Arleigh Burke ( Flight I ), [DDG])
DDG57   Mitcher (Arleigh Burke ( Flight I ), [DDG])
DDG58   Laboon (Arleigh Burke ( Flight I ), [DDG])
DDG64   Carney (Arleigh Burke ( Flight I ), [DDG])
DDG66   Gonzales (Arleigh Burke ( Flight I ), [DDG])
DDG67   Cole (Arleigh Burke ( Flight I ), [DDG])
DDG68   The Sullivans (Arleigh Burke ( Flight I ), [DDG])
DDG71   Ross (Arleigh Burke ( Flight I ), [DDG])
DDG72   Mahan (Arleigh Burke ( Flight II ), [DDG])
DDG74   McFaul (Arleigh Burke ( Flight II ), [DDG])
DDG75   Donald Cook (Arleigh Burke ( Flight II ), [DDG])
DDG78   Porter (Arleigh Burke ( Flight II ), [DDG])
DDG79   Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke ( Flight II ), [DDG])
DDG80   Roosevelt (Arleigh Burke (Flight IIA), [DDG])
DDG84   Bulkeley (Arleigh Burke (Flight IIA), [DDG])
DDG87   Mason (Arleigh Burke (Flight IIA), [DDG])
DDG95   James Williams (Arleigh Burke (Flight IIA), [DDG])
DDG98   Forrest Sherman (Arleigh Burke (Flight IIA), [DDG])
DDG103 Truxtun (Arleigh Burke (Flight IIA), [DDG])
DDG109 Jason Dunham (Arleigh Burke (Flight IIA), [DDG])
DDG116 Thomas Hudner (Arleigh Burke (Flight IIA), [DDG])
DDG993 Kidd (Kidd, [DDG])
DDG995 Scott (Kidd, [DDG])
DD692   Allen M. Sumner (Allen M. Sumner, [DD])
DD698   Ault (Allen M. Sumner, [DD])
DD701   John W. Weeks (Allen M. Sumner, [DD])
DD708   Harlan R. Dickson (Allen M. Sumner, [DD])
DD715   William M. Wood (Gearing, [DD])
DD758   Strong (Allen M. Sumner, [DD])
DD781   Robert K. Huntington (Allen M. Sumner, [DD])
DD817   Corry (Gearing, [DD])
DD818   New (Gearing, [DD])
DD820   Rich (Gearing, [DD])
DD821   Johnston (Gearing, [DD])
DD823   Samuel B. Roberts (Gearing, [DD])
DD834   Turner (Gearing, [DD])
DD835   Charles P. Cecil (Gearing, [DD])
DD837   Sarsfield (Gearing, [DD])
DD847   Robert L. Wilson (Gearing, [DD])
DD859   Norris (Gearing, [DD])
DD863   Steinaker (Gearing, [DD])
DD864   Harold J. Ellison (Gearing, [DD])
DD872   Forrest Royal (Gearing, [DD])
DD873   Hawkins (Gearing, [DD])
DD878   Vesole (Gearing, [DD])
DD880   Dyess (Gearing, [DD])
DD881   Bordelon (Gearing, [DD])
DD882   Furse (Gearing, [DD])
DD883   Newman K. Perry (Gearing, [DD])
DD889   O. Hare (Gearing, [DD])
DD937   George F. Davis (Forrest Sherman, [DD])
DD940   Manley (Forrest Sherman, [DD])
DD944   Mullinnix (Forrest Sherman, [DD])
DD963   Spruance (Spruance, [DD])  go 2  go 3
DD968   Arthur W. Radford (Spruance, [DD])  go 2
DD969   Peterson (Spruance, [DD])  go 2
DD970   Caron (Spruance, [DD])  go 2  go 3
DD977   Briscoe (Spruance, [DD])
DD978   Stump (Spruance, [DD])
DD979   Conolly (Spruance, [DD])
DD980   Moosburgger (Spruance, [DD]])
DD981   John Hancock (Spruance, [DD])
DD982   Nicholson (Spruance, [DD])
DD983   John Rodgers (Spruance, [DD])
DD988   Thorn (Spruance, [DD])
DD989   Deyo (Spruance, [DD])


FF1049  Koelsch (Garsia, [FFG])
FF1056  Connole (Knox, [FF])
FF1078  Josef Hewes (Knox, [FF])
FF1081  Aylwin (Knox, [FF])
FF1082  Elmer Montgomery (Knox, [FF])
FF1084  MacCandless (Knox, [FF])
FF1085  Donald B. Beary (Knox, [FF])
FF1091  Miller (Knox, [FF])
FF1093  Capodano (Knox, [FF])
FF1094  Pharris (Knox, [FF])
FF1095  Truett (Knox, [FF])
FF1096  Valdez (Knox, [FF])
FF1097  Moinester (Knox, [FF])
FFG5     Richard L. Page (Brooke, [FFG])
FFG11   Clark (O. H. Perry, [FFG])
FFG15   Estosin (O. H. Perry, [FFG])
FFG20   Antrim (O. H. Perry, [FFG])
FFG32   John L. Hall (O. H. Perry, [FFG])  go 2
FFG36   Underwood (O. H. Perry, [FFG])
FFG39   Doyle (O. H. Perry, [FFG])  go 2
FFG42   Klakring (O. H. Perry, [FFG])  go 2
FFG49   Robert G. Bradley (O. H. Perry, [FFG])
FFG50   Taylor (O. H. Perry, [FFG])  go 2
FFG52   Carr (O. H. Perry, [FFG])
FFG53   Hawes (O. H. Perry, [FFG])  go 2
FFG55   Elrod (O. H. Perry, [FFG]) go 2
FFG59   Kauffman (O. H. Perry, [FFG])

Landing and Transport ships

HSV2    Swift (Swift, [HSV])
T-EPF7    Carson City ( Spearhead, [T-EPF])
T-EPF8    Yuma ( Spearhead, [T-EPF])
LCC20  Mount Whitney (Blue Ridge, [LCC])
LPD4    Austin (Austin, [LPD])
LPD12  Shrevport (Austin, [LPD])
LPD13  Nashville (Austin, [LPD])
LPD14  Trenton (Austin, [LPD])
LPD15  Ponce (Austin, [LPD])
LSD36  Anchorage (Anchorage, [LSD])
LSD37  Portland (Anchorage, [LSD])
LSD38  Pensacola (Anchorage, [LSD])
LSD41  Whidbey Island (Whidbey Island, [LSD])
LSD43  Fort McHenry (Whidbey Island, [LSD])
LSD46  Tortuga (Whidbey Island, [LSD])
LSD48  Ashland (Whidbey Island, [LSD])
LSD51  Oak Hill (Harpers Ferry, [LSD])
LSD1194 La Moure County (Newport, [LST])

Patrol ships

PC1     Cyclone (Cyclone, [PC])
PC5     Typhoon (Cyclone, [PC])
PC9     Chinook (Cyclone, [PC])
PC10   Firebolt (Cyclone, [PC])

Auxiliary ships

АGS5      Catoctin (Appalachian, [AGS])
АGS16    Maury (Artemis, [AGS])
AGF3      La Salle (Raleigh, [AGF])
AGF11    Coronado (Austin, [AGF])
AGOR15  Knorr (Mellville, [AGOR])
AO109    Waccamaw (Mispillion, [AO])
AO143    Neosho (Neosho, [AO])
AO147    Truckee (Neosho, [AO])
AO186    Platte (Cimarron, [AO])
AO203    Larami (Henry J. Kaiser, [T-AO])
TAGS27  Kane (Silas Bent, [AGS])
TAGS60  Pathfinder (Pathfinder, [AGS])
TARS51  Grasp (Safeguard, [T-ARS])
TARS53  Grapple (Safeguard, [T-ARS])
TATF172 Apache (Powhatan, [ATF])

Coast Guard ships

WHEC715 Hamilton (Hamilton, [WHEC])
WHEC716 Dallas (Hamilton, [WHEC])
WHEC721 Gallatin (Hamilton, [WHEC])
WMEC901 Bear (Bear, [WMEC])
WMEC902 Tampa (Bear, [WMEC])
WMEC904 Northland (Bear, [WMEC])
WMEC905 Spenser (Bear, [WMEC])
WMEC912 Legare (Bear, [WMEC])
WMSL753 Hamilton (Legend, [WMSL])

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