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The incitement for creation of this web-site were the tragic events of August 2008, which took place in the Black Sea – the war between South Ossetia and Russia on one side and Georgia on the other side.

We were born and raised in Sevastopol and have spent most of our lives in this legendary city. We take a lively interest in all major historical events happened in Sevastopol from the moment of its foundation – June 3 (14), 1783. Many issues and events of Sevastopol and Black Sea history are extensivelydescribed in numerous feature and historical films, popular science, historiсal, biographical and fiction literature by many authors. However, there is one aspect, connected with the history of Sevastopol and the Black Sea, that is, to our mind, not specifically highlighted – visits of Sevastopol by foreign military ships, visits of the Black Sea by ships of non-Black Sea region.

We do not claim to have the exhaustive data, but we try to represent the information related to this matter on our web-site. Why are we interested in the Black Sea? This sea has a particular status throughout the whole history. The traffic of military ships in the Black Sea was governed by special agreements and treaties (Treaty of Hünkârİskelesi( 1833), Treaty of London (1841), Treaty of Paris (1856), London convention (1871), Treaty of Sèvres (1920), Treaty of Lausanne (1923), Montreux Convention (1936) , which is still in force).

We are eager to cooperate with everyone, who is interested in this topic. We will accept additional information and commentaries concerning highlighted matters and will be glad to receive any new photo and video materials. We reserve the right to publish the received exclusive materials on our web-site. A photograph of a ship or a vessel should have the accompanying information (name of the author, time and place where it was taken).

Beat regards, Andreev brothers.

Our e-mail: blackseaships@mail.ru

We devoted our work to the memory of our mother.

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