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     F-99  Steadfast      

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Country: United Kingdom.
Class, [Type]: Admiralty S, [DD].

Builder: Samuel White and Iron Company, Cowes, U.K.
Launch date: 8 August 1918.
Commission date: March 1918.
Decommission date: 28 July 1934.

Displacement ( tons ): 1075 full load.
Dimensions ( metres ): 84 x 8 x 3,3.
Main machinery: 3 x Brown-Curtis steam turbines ( 23000 hp ), 3 x Yarrow boilers.
Range ( miles ): 5000 at 12 knots.
Speed ( knots ): 36.
Complement: 90.

Guns: 3 x 1 100mm Mk4, 1 x 1 40mm Mk2.
Torpedoes: 2 x 2 533mm torpedo tubes ( 14 torpedoes ).

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