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Country: Germany.
Class, [Type]: MFR A1, [LC].

Builder: Werft Eggers & Co., Hamburg, Germany.
Commission date:  1942.
Decommission date: 1944.

Displacement ( tons ): 220 full load.
Dimensions ( metres ): 47,04 x 6,53 x 1,45.
Main machinery: 3 x Deutz diesel engines ( 390 hp ).
Range ( miles ): 1075 at 7,5 knots.
Speed ( knots ): 10,5.
Complement: 21.

Guns: 1 x 1 75mm, 1 x 1 37mm AA, 2 x 2 20mm AA.
Depth charges: 10.
Capacity: 3 medium tanks PzIV, or 16 horses, or 200, or 105 t of cargo.
Capacity: Stranded in the area around Genechinsk.

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