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     D-352 Gayret      

Photo byAugust 1990. Sevastopol. Photo from the archives of A. Andreev.

Country: Turkey.
Class, [Type]: Gearing, [DD].

Builder: Todd Pacific Shipyards, Maine, USA.
Launch date: 8 January 1946.
Commission date: 10 May 1946.
Recommission date: 11 July 1973.
Decommission date: 1995.

Displacement ( tons ): 2425 standard, 3500 full load.
Dimensions ( metres ): 119 x 12,5 x 5,8.
Main machinery: 2 x geared turbines ( 60000 hp ).
Speed ( knots ): 34.
Range ( miles ): 4800 at 15 knots.
Complement: 275 ( 15 officers ).

Guns: 2 x 2 127mm Mk38, 2 x 2 35mm Oerlikon.
Missiles: SSM: 2 x 4 Harpoon.
A/S weapons: 1 x 8 Mk112 ASROC.
Torpedoes: 2 x 3 324mm Mk32 for Mk46 torpedoes.

Radar: Air search: AN/SPS-40; Surface search: AN/SPS-10; Fire control: Mk35.
Sonar: AN/SQS-23.
Countermeasures: ESM/ECM: AN/WLR-1, AN/ULQ-6.
Helicopter: 1 x AB-212 ASW. No hangar.
Comment: Ex-US NAVY ship Eversole ( DD-789 ).

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